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Subscribe To Our Podcast

Want to listen to our services as a podcast on your device? Add a podcast to your device by URL. Copy the following and paste it into your favorite podcast app.

Those that use an iPhone with iOS 9 or higher can try to add the podcast by clicking here. The link will request that you "Open this page in "News"?". Tap Open to launch the News app and a moment later the Podcasts app will load with a request to Subscribe to the link. If you have trouble, try accessing this webpage in Safari and try again or use the method below to add the Podcast manually to the iOS Podcasts App.

iTunes (Mac & Windows)

Click on “File” in the top left menu. Then select “Subscribe to Podcast…” from the dropdown and paste the feed URL. Click ok and voilà!

Podcasts App (iOS)

Up To iOS 10: Tap the “My Podcasts” button on the bottom row of icons. Then hit the + button in the top left corner, and select “Add Podcast” from the pop up. Then you paste in the feed URL and hit subscribe.

iOS 11 and Later: Tap the "Library" button at the bottom and tap "Add Podcast by URL..." (if you have already subscribed to podcasts in the past you will need to tap "Edit" at the top right corner to see "Add Podcast by URL...). Then you can paste the link above in the "Podcast URL" field and tap subscribe.

Pocket Casts (iOS, Android & Web)

Paste the URL of the feed into the search field and hit search. Done!

Overcast (iOS & Web)

Tap the + button in the top right like you normally would to add a podcast. Then tap “Add URL” in the top right, paste the feed URL and hit done!

Podcast Addict (Android)

Tap the + sign in the top right. Then choose”Add RSS Feed” and paste in the URL of the RSS feed. Tap “Add.”

Downcast (iOS & Mac)

Tap “Add” on the bottom bar, press “Add Podcast Manually” and in the “Feed” field paste the URL of the RSS feed. Then hit “Subscribe” in the top right.